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A faith-based transitional Recovery Co-Ed living environment for women & Men

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The Princess House, a Self-Pay Recovery home was founded  in January 2005.  The story goes that the house was under the former Oxford House,  which was closing.There were five ladies who did not know where they were going. Several had been sick, one with cancer and was worried about the closing of the house and what they were going to do.   Dr. Sarita Graham, who re-organized the house in memory of her daughter re-named it The Princess House. This was  in memory of her daughter's nickname Princess, who stepped up to the plate and gave them hope.

The Princess House is a faith-based, family focused  living environment. It believes in a resilient unbeatable concept. It is a combination of faith in God, supportive family, compassionate good in-patient/out-patient/after-care treatment milieu, and recovery support with the assistance of diligent community-based resources. 

The men & women, young and middle age, come from all walks of life. Some of them have generational addiction with substance abuse as a way out and re-entry of ex-offenders and veterans of war.  When the substance abusers or the incarcerated are parents… children suffer. We offer an environment where LOVE heals; creating a life that is clean, sober, self-sufficient and equipped with skills to build a life independent from drugs, alcohol or re-entry of prison. As of 2015 now Co-Ed  The Princess House and Joshua Safe Haven share the same roof in transitioning   from short term to permanent housing.


John 12:24
“Truly, Truly, I say you unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone.  But if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

A mother’s daughter’s life lived for GOD is bringing a harvest after her death.  Such is the case with Sarita “Princess” whose life passionately lives for God’s people, even after her death at age 24, to bring a great fruit of harvest to women seeking Christ.

Even during her time of making wrong decisions, “Princess” was always inviting people to Christ and always talking to people about the love of God and being successful with a great big smile.

Scripture: II King 4: 8-10

  • A bed- A place to rest

  • A table-Nourishment where you feed yourself mental, naturally and physically

  • A chair/stole- Study, help with proper food

  • A lamp- Light- illumination and revelation being able to hear GOD.

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