Princess House for Women, Isaiah's Place & Joshua's Safe Haven  - Operated by Sarita Lynne Ministries
About Us
“Givers of Hope”
John 12:24
“Truly, Truly, I say you unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone.  But if it dies, it bears much fruit.”
A mother’s daughter’s life lived for GOD is bringing a harvest after her death.  Such is the case with Sarita “Princess” whose life passionately lives for God’s people, even after her death at age 24, to bring a great fruit of harvest to women seeking Christ.
Even during her time of making wrong decisions, “Princess” was always inviting people to Christ and always talking to people about the love of God and being successful with a great big smile.
Sarita Lynne Ministries a Safe Haven Shelter Program, in partnership with the Department of Mental Health, Drug Court, Veterans Administration, DOC and KC-SATRSC Coalition to provide shelters and services for homeless people who are challenged with mental health and substance abuse disorders.  The three shelters can house up to 52 men and22 women that provide case management services to each resident, including assistance with budgeting, shelter plus permanent housing, employment training skills and outreach services.  Annually, Sarita Lynne Ministries Safe Haven shelters have services over 425 individuals.
Scripture: II King 4: 8-10
  • A bed- A place to rest
  • A table-Nourishment where you feed yourself mental, naturally and physically
  • A chair/stole- Study, help with proper food
  • A lamp- Light- illumination and revelation being able to hear GOD.
 Provide a faith-based Safe Haven Shelter to men and women in recovery
To promote a holistic approach for men and women in recovery, a safe haven, to educate, to employ and become self-sufficient.
Our Foundation
Is built on John 12:24
Ministry Goal
To help each individual reach their objectives in recovery, permanent employment, housing and to bring homelessness closer to self-sufficiency
Population Serve
Dedicated to serve the immediate homeless, veterans of war, recovering from substance abuse and  prisoner of incarceration
 It was realized during the 2005 that an emergency shelter was not enough help for many homeless women.  After the death of my daughter a shelter was established  for women that were unable to maintain an independent life-style.
In 2005, Sarita'Lynne Ministries began the Transitional Living Center The Princess House for Women and in 2008 opened her first men's house, Isaiah's Place. To help prepare and train women and men to become independent and re-enter the mainstream of society.  
The Princess House for Women, Isaiah's Place for Men and Joshua's Safe Haven for Men believe in an unbeatable concept, a combination of faith in God and a faith base supportive team
We offer Faith-Based Living 
Please call Dr. Sarita Graham at 816-561-0035   (e-mail)
Sarita’Lynne Ministries Faith-Based Living include:
  • staff support and monitoring
  • Church  Service in-side
  • Pastoral Prayer
  • Bible Study
  • Life Skills
  • easy access to community support groups and 12-Step meetings
  • television, DVD, study area, in-house meetings
  • smoke-free houses
  • designated smoking areas
  • Family Engagement
  • linens
  • washer and dryer
  • phone
  • computer and internet access
  • close access to public transportation
Contact us on how you can be a blessing and DONOR
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